Friday, February 11, 2011

Chic Lit Fails Its Litmus Test

I've been a very lazy girl... and now it's a few minutes before shabbos, and I might be finishing more than once book this shabbos, and certainly one, and I still haven't reviewed last Shabbos's reading, so here it is, nice and fast. I finished all my library books, was supposed to make progress on my non-library book backlog, but then I went home and for Shabbos and someone had gotten out the Jill Mansell book that I hadn't read, Rumor Has It.  If you really read this blog carefully, you would remember that I reviewed another one of her books a while ago, to high praise, for being a piece of good chic lit.  This book was the same I suppose... well not quite, it was classic Jill Mansell, light, bright, easy, romantic comedy with lots of interlocking stories... but the main story was frankly not compelling at all.  Likeable characters, but no mystery, no tension, as both basically acknowledged they liked each from the beginning.  Oh well, easy to read, but not the best in the universe.

Verdict: 3/5 - b/c this is my genre, when all is said and done

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