Sunday, April 11, 2010

So... what exactly have you stumbled onto?

Hello out there! I've been thinking about starting a blog for while - AS SOON AS I FINISH MY PAPER and it was going to be about my life, which may not be fascinating, but who cares, because no one is going to read this anyway, but I just got completely excited by a post on (this one) so I am now going to be writing a book blog about whatever I'm reading or whatever other books i feel like talking about because I LOVE BOOKS - I just do. Anyway, I am NOT finished my paper, so I'm not really starting yet... or possibly ever... but since I'll do anything rather than my work... here I am posting :)

So what does the title mean? well if you don't know, I'M not going to tell you... okay, I'll tell you - it's a combination of two words - vellum and umpire. umpire is pretty straightforward I think - using it in the sense of mediator, used kind of in the sense of commentator... and vellum... well vellum is actually klaf, which I did not know till I just looked it up on Wikipedia but besides that vellum is important b/c.... do I really have to tell you? maybe you shouldn't be reading this... well okay, I'll tell you - "bound in white vellum" - now where's THAT ONE from? :) do I really have to tell you? okay, I'll tell you - describing the book of poetry by... Augustus Fawnhope. And if you don't know who that is, you REALLY shouldn't be reading this... but just to jog your memory, Augustus is a divinely handsome young man from the wonderful book The Grand Sophy - and I am REALLY not telling you who wrote that :)

oh and I just thought of another meaning... since the word kind of looks like vampire anyway (totally unintentionally) it can also mean that I'm like a vampire except that instead of blood I crave calfskin (and other varieties of writing material of course) - it's slightly vulgar, but it works, I think

EDIT: and even another one! could say vellempire - i may even like that better... like empire of books... my this name has lot of promise


  1. when i saw the email abt the blog i totally thought that it was so weird twilight blog and someone was just sending me a link so that i would click on it and get a virus. i figured that u went on to some twilight website and they infiltrated ur email and u passed on the message.
    hey first comment!

  2. this is so much fun! I'm really enjoying all the references that I know I'll never remember anyway.... btw, do you know who exactly showed your sis that post from bad4shidduchim? yours truly! so I should really get the credit for this whole least if she did show you that post, which I'm assuming she did

  3. You totally get the credit! I should have thanked you in my intro :) (s.b. did tell my you showed her the post - I had no idea you read such things :))
    but anyway, thanks for the inspiration, abg