Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Redemption, Definitely Somewhat Of A Redemption

After hearing this next title, will your reaction be, Rochel, are you a glutton for punishment? I don't think so, though reading yet another Jill Mansell might seem to imply that.  This was the one I mentioned (did you catch it? :)) as being in between the eerily (okay, let's not go that far :)) similar plotted ones I read before.  I'm going to finish this really fast to get in to May, so bottom line was it had different plot line! and a better plot line! Made me remember why I enjoy these books at all - they are silly, very silly, but you know, there's a decent romance somewhere at the center.  In the end, the storyline morphed into something more similar to the other two - does she have a hang up about it or something? - but I can't say I didn't enjoy most of the book :)

Verdict: 2.9/5

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