Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finish That Goes Nowhere

Well it's been a while... what with California (though my last post was after that I think) and Pesach... I finally finished the book I started in CA over the last days of Pesach but then it took me a while to get to this... anyway, here I am now.  Ready to review Jane Vows Vengeance, the third in Michael Thomas Ford's series of Jane Austen as a vampire.  I think I rather enjoyed the first two (and at least one, if not both, are reviewed here, but I have not reread the reviews, pursuant with my general rule :)) so I was expecting the same of the third.

But whatever I liked about the first two, this one was not up to par.  I mean it's not like the other two were  *great* - but somehow MTF did a good job with the characters, making them interesting and fun to be around.  But this one... well the characters were more annoying than anything else - it's like only the main elements of each were preserved and exaggerated, with most likeability erased in the process.  It's almost a "show, don't tell" case, where we're supposed to like Lucy and Rabbi Cohen and Walter because they're the ones Jane likes, but they're just kind of boring and there to be yes men than anything else.  And the dislikeable characters aren't funny (I'm pretty sure they used to be funny) just kind of silly.  I guess Lord Byron has some of his old charm... but even he is just repeating old movements.

I found that, in general, this book was covering old ground - and what wasn't old was not worth introducing.  The story centered around vampire legend, and MTF played as fast and loose as he wanted with it to get what he considered a good story.  But it just comes off as thrown together.  In fact, the whole book comes off as thrown together.  There was some interesting promise with the mystery, but it all got resolved most disappointingly.  Really just altogether very amateur, with nothing I can think of to redeem it.  Oh well, at least this was the last one.

Verdict: 2/5

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