Friday, May 25, 2012

Religion Makes For Boring Chick Lit

And... Number 2! Don't know if I'll have time to finish this b/4 I get off the bus, or failing that, before Shabbos starts, followed by Shavuos, but I will do my best... and that's all that can be expected of me.  A fitting segue into the next on our list, another Robin Lee Hatcher.  Her best books were the ones written not as Christian romances.  I kind of like that short series from last year / two years ago... but this latest series, of which I now review the second (it's called... um... Where The Heart Is? I think? nope that's something else, this on is heart of gold)  is just too... Christian for me.  I mean, put in all the religion you want, but give us something else too!

Here, if there's something else (well there is) it's civil war politics.  Yeah, that doesn't exactly make me do jumping jacks either.  I mean it's not crazy tense of course, the war is far away in the east for the most part, but it doesn't make for a fun romp when the heroine is concerned for her beloved Virginia, and rightfully too.  And what else? What about the romance? Sigh... I'm not saying it wasn't there at all... but at one point I found myself getting a little excited about its potential... and even that potential didn't realize materialize.  It was one of those that just moved along with no angst, no tension, no fun.. just gradual realization on the part of each of their being in love, followed by an engagement (there was a short break-up, but that's the potential I mean didn't materialize, it was just kind of blah).

So overall, not much to recommend the book.  Pretty vanilla, nothing distasteful, but where's the fun? I just get no kicks out of following along with people's religious growth and whatnot, and there just wasn't much else accompanying it.  Oh well.

Verdict: 2.3/5

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