Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quick Pop Back In

Yes, it's been a while. Haven't been reading with everything that's been going on.  But I do have two books to review from way back when and now that I have LOTS of free time I might be taking up reading again so... here it is.  Really I don't feel like doing a full review, so let's just do the short summary.  Two romance authors, actually the only two romance authors I really follow, one contemporary, one historical - Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Julia Quinn.  Both I think superior in general to most of their genre and a lot of to read.  I wouldn't say either of these was their best though (both their latest).  SEP's felt at places somewhat contrived and the heroine seemed like an idiot at times.  JQ's fell into the category of not enough romantic tension I'd say, he was too obvious from the get-go.  But you know, not hard reads at all, solid romantic fare.

Verdict: 3/5

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