Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Little Gem Tucked Away In Ebook Land

The next title on the list is the only original read of my kindle fare, and, I'd say, the most interesting.  Looking at the top free books, I noticed one of the top was the title "Wired Love".  This was not a book I had ever heard of, and I assumed it wouldn't interest me, but for whatever reason (probably something I read in the reviews, but I don't remember what) I decided to give it a try. I assumed it would be a tale of love over the internet,  contemporary but by some new author giving it away for free for publicity.  It wasn't.  As was evident from the very beginning, this is a historical novel - about love over the telegraph! I think it was rediscovered as an interesting title recently, since of course, it foreshadows our current age of technological courtship, which is why I had never heard of it (excuses, excuses :)) It certainly isn't a great classic, and doesn't read by one.  But it certainly *is* right up my alley - light historical romance! (not the harlequin kind :))

I wasn't sure where the book would go, since the premise didn't seem like it would stretch to entire book.   Two telegraph operators flirt, eventually they meet... by that point, no more suspense, right? But surprisingly enough, though the book was not exactly a weighty tome, it managed to keep the story fresh and interesting all along.  The obstacles placed in the way of our heroes feel realistic enough, and their light romance is sweet and fun to follow along.  Not the deepest or most intellectual story, but undoubtedly a fun little tale.

Verdict: 4.75/5

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