Sunday, March 9, 2014

Boringly Unrealistic

Once back in Edison and in my new house (technically not back in Edison I guess since I was in Highland Park before) I resumed the book of which I had been in the middle when I took my unplanned month long stay in Teaneck - the latest 44 Scotland St.  I had picked this up from Sarah Sp. at some point, not nearly as promptly as I had the previous books (all of a piece with my library habits these days) and then never really gotten into it as there was no rush (no one on line behind me).  I finally picked it up sometime after Succos, only to be interrupted for over a month.  This is actually similar to the way I read the last book, which was interrupted by events.  And I think my reaction to the two was similar (though I didn't reread my previous review of course before writing this one :))  The story just kind of goes on, never really grabbing you and never really getting anyway.   There are some funny moments and lots of unexpected ones... but it just failed to hold my interest.  Was this due to the unscheduled hiatus? Probably partially.  But more, this is like the seventh book in the series (eighth? I don't know).  And these books are written as serialized newspaper columns.  So what can really be expected? If everything was resolved, the books would be over.  But how else to keep things interesting than rather random twists and turns? I guess the books continue to amuse, at least in places, but I think I care about the characters less and less rather than more and more... and if I don't care, why do I keep reading? (Of course I will keep reading b/c it's not exactly tedious but I'm not eagerly awaiting the next book or anything).

Verdict: 2.75/5

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