Friday, August 14, 2015

1.2 JAs

As you know, my reading material comes, for the most part, from my small and select personal library.  Many of the titles have already been reviewed, but that doesn't stop me from rereading :) I don't remember what impulse compelled me to pick up Sanditon again (for I think the third time since I've started this blog?), but I certainly have no regrets about the choice.  I don't think I need to do another full review, but here's a short one.  Sanditon is absolutely a tons-of-fun read.  Another Lady obviously can't measure up to Jane Austen, but I think she's as good as Georgette Heyer.  Wonderfully enjoyable read, though certainly much lighter than genuine Austen fare.

Which leads me to my next review...  reading JA-lite, and right afterwards a silly article about the perfect alternative setting for each Jane Austen book inspired me to pick up Persuasion, my least-recently-read "good" JA (I don't like Mansfield Park and S&S).  Persuasion is saddest in tone of all the Austens, as Anne Elliot does not feel that life holds any hope of happiness for her.  I have in the past been somewhat put off by this, but now it's built in to my expectation of the book, so it doesn't bother me much.  And while it may be mored subdued in tone, the ending, and my anticipation of it, are sublime.  It's also a short book, with no side plots to distract from the main, wonderful romance. And the romance itself, while perhaps slightly less classic than P&P's hate at first sight, has provided an archetype that has been enjoyed ever since.

Reading the book made me want to watch the movie, of course.  With Persuasion, there aren't many options, but I chose ITV's 2007 version (short and on youtube + Rupert Penry Jones!). And much though I enjoyed the book while I was reading it, watching the movie made me appreciate it all the more.  All the subtleties of the plot and characters were lost, even though the story was still there.  And though I love JA for the story, she wouldn't be one of the most beloved authors ever without all the other stuff of course.

I have to say, this is a short review... I'm not sure if I was less cognizant than usual while reading, or if I just thought the book was perfect... but in any case, here it is and here's the verdict:

5/5 (for both, though in different ways, and of course if I had to rank, then Persausion would have to outrank).

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