Sunday, April 23, 2017

Elemental Fantasy

Hello again.  After Pesach already and I never even finished my reviews from my January vacation.  Tsk tsk.  For a while, I procrastinated by not reading much but I've amassed quite the list by now.  Time to get on it.  Not that I can really remember what I thought of books I read in January.  But tally ho.  The last library book from my trip was the next in the Sharon Shinn Elements series, this one fire (Corinne).  So much for what I remember :) I think I found this book faster moving than the Air book I read earlier (didn't stall in the middle).  Don't think I liked the main character as much. Seriously cannot even remember who she ends up with! Wow now I feel like I'm going crazy. Could it be she doesn't end up with anyone? I'm starting to think that.  Oh no, phew, got it. She ends up with Foley, the guard. Meh.  More unequal romance. This one doesn't even have the excuse of being a prince in disguise.  So yeah the romance didn't do it for me. Book itself wasn't bad, pretty interesting, decent world building.  Entertainment.

Verdict: 3/5

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