Sunday, June 6, 2010

(One of) My Favorite Cookie Cutters

Having read a book for which I had a hard time even finding labels, I turned toward one that was so formulaic I'd be shocked if I it deviated from expectations.  That would be Robin Lee Hatcher's Wagered Heart.  She writes Christian romances about cowboys in Montana and religious young ladies.  But she's not bad at all.  And like I always say, in most chic lit, you need a subplot.  But in Christian romance, the religion is the subplot.  So as long as you can ignore the constant references to G-d, you basically get solid fun all along.  A lot of the times they are so badly written, I can't sit through them in any case.  But Robin Lee Hatcher is usually pretty decent.

This one was exactly like all her others, and more so.  When it started out I was like, wait a second, they seem like each other right away, where's the story? Then it turned in to a marriage of convenience variation, then her parents died so it turned into a triumph over adversity, and then the evil scheming other cowboy came into the forefront and it started reminding me very strong of The Harvey Girls.  But throughout, it was basically just "I love him but he doesn't love me" and vice versa.  And what more could I want? :) Okay, in all seriousness, I would definitely a enjoy a more substantial and less dragged out book more, but that's not what I read these for.  And whatever else you can say about it, this book delivers on expectations.

So verdict: for an Christian romance, 4.5/5.  In general... 3.5/5 - I seem to be getting more picky in my old age :)

As for food... well it was as good as it could be for what it was... so I'm going to go with bakery cake - it's definitely good, and I wouldn't say no to it, and I enjoy it, and it's a treat- but it just can't compare to the best of home made stuff - I don't refer to exceptions of course, just the general case :)


  1. I have to say, I'm surprised this earned a 3.5--I looked at the back, and it looked awfully written! but wtvr you say, you're the one who actually read it. really im just posting because (besides for the obvious reason that I'm bored and procrastinating) I wanted to say that bakery cake is a perfect metaphor! I know exactly what you're talking about! i am very impressed!

  2. thanks as always :)
    well it's not like it's that great, but trust me, it is *way* above the general order of Christian romances :)