Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh, So *That's* Who Reads Those Things :)

Well it never stops, does it? Yet another chic lit.  And what a chic lit! Libby Street's The Accidental It Girl features and paparazzo girl and actor guy, except that instead of calling her a paparazzo (or is it paparazza?) she says (oh it's written in first person) "I'm a paparazzi".  So I think, putting that altogether, you can pretty much tell we've got a lowest common denominator chic lit here.  Well maybe not *lowest*… I guess that's reserved for the likes of Donna Kaufman, Erin McCarthy etc. (not going to go into it more than that) but the kind of chic lit that makes people say Rochel has no standards.

And to them I say, but I do, I do! The writing was driving me cray! And I felt no sympathy for the main character's complaining about her mommy issues and the way she sold out from her "real" career of portrait photography.  And I found the story completely implausible and *totally* exaggerated.  So you see… I can differentiate between a really bad book and one that just isn't good… I just read them anyway :)

And we're back to the no standards.   Because I must admit, I totally enjoyed this book at the end.  I mean, the whiny attitude and exaggerated storyline never stopped annoying me, but I never felt any desire to stop reading (maybe just to read a little faster though).  And I actually got up from my seat and took my incredibly heavy carry on down from the overhead bin just so I could finish it! (on the plane to new zealand now, btw).   Because there's nothing wrong with a gorgeous and really nice movie star who has a crush on the pretty and talented (if very unself-confident) main girl :) I mean, it's not like the book ever got any better- I could have easily done without the dramatic mother-daughter bonding and the ending was too abrupt/quick/unsatisfying.  Oh and I totally expected her two friends to get together and they didn't… is that for the next book? But like I said, none of that stopped me from reading on - and with a smile on my face most of the time :) So I am forced to admit, yes, I have no standards.  But to be fair, I know a few people besides who would read this quite happily - so I guess I've got company :)

Verdict: 2.5/5 (those ridiculous standards popping up again :))
Food: total, utter junk… but I eat it up anyway… can we go with sugar free jello here? I hate to waste such an evocative food on such an ordinary book… but since I take about equal heat over the jello and the book choices… I think it fits :)

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