Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Musings

Time for a change of pace... having dazzled you with my razor sharp critiquing abilities, it's time to treat you to a more philosophical bent - aren't you the luckiest? :)

Although book blogging is not the *most* unoriginal web journal genre (that would have to be people talking about themselves), it's definitely one of the more common ones.  Why? well there's a lot to say - there are a *whole* lot of books out there - and books are a source of common ground, as long as we read the same ones.  But I think the main reason is just that people love books - i mean I certainly love than more than most people do, or at least I love talking about the more than most people do, but the many amongst us (and we know who we are (the smart ones, of course :))) who enjoy reading generally like it a whole lot... so why is this?

Well I know why I like reading - and yes, it's a totally cliche reason - reading is an escape and an adventure.  It lets you live vicariously, do awesome things, be absolutely awesome and feel even more awesome than that.  For instance, when I read P&P, I get to be a gentleman's daughter in the 1800's, smart and with a sense of humor, with an upper-10,000 landed gentleman absolutely stuffed with goodness (and not too hard to look at either ;)) who loves me and whom I eventually marry. I mean seriously, what more could I ask for? (except for indoor plumbing, or course).  So that all makes sense, as far as it goes...

but does it go far enough? I personally know more than one person who does not absolutely adore P&P. (see post below).  I know people who don't even like fiction.  I know people who don't like books with happy endings.  What can I say? The world is a deep and unfathomable place.... okay, not really.  The truth is, there are some people who just love being educated, some people who love provocative discussion, some people who are entertained rhetoric (I mean come on, you love this blog, don't you? don't answer that :))... and guess what? there's something out there for everyone! so lucky you, as long as you're literate. if you're not... i'm deeply sorry...

and if you are one of those deep and unfathomable people who does not like P&P, I love and respect you, and wish you all the best - good luck finding another blog :)

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