Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mr. Darcy Haters

So, as we all know, there are some people out there who claim to abhor, or at least dislike, Mr. Darcy. These people, of whom I know zero personally, do sadly exist and last night I got to thinking about their warped senses. There are two types of Darcy-haters. One group are the same people who like Ron better than Harry. For some reason, they always root for the underdog, even when said underdog has major character flaws. Like Ron, who is sickly jealous and pathetically mismanages his and others' lives because of it. What, I ask, is there to admire in that? And not that Harry is perfect, but at least he has more courage and strength of character than Ron!

Now Mr. Darcy, on the other hand.... IS perfect! And yet, people persist in hating him. Why? Because they inherently hate the perfect character. It is a strange phenomenon-- the psychological implications are vast.

The other Darcy-haters have an even flimsier excuse. They just like to be contrary-- if everyone thinks one way, they think another. So because everyone loves Mr. Darcy, they hate him. It's really quite shallow.

And there you have it. No longer do you have to hotly defend when someone off-offhandedly criticizes Mr. Darcy. Just know why they are doing it.... and smile (superiorly of course).


  1. Very nicely observed, s.b. I tend to think of Darcy haters as mostly the second category... but then I tend to think of Ron lovers as mostly the second category too (and - please don't hit me :) - Team Jacob as well). In general though, I don't think there are that many Darcy haters in particular - it tends to be P&P haters in general... and we all know who THOSE people are... Bronte lovers

  2. totally agree that Team Jacobers are in that category as well (though I personally didn't hate him until the 3rd book). And though I feel bad enlightening you, there are indeed some Darcy haters out there. Uch and people who like Bronte over Austen-- it's worse than just not liking Austen.

  3. There are darcy hater's out there who you do know personally and no i don't like bronte and yes i do like jane austen but i still think i am not being contrary . when i think of creeps mr darcy comes to mind sorry thats just the way it is. (maybe thats bec i never saw the movie not even the colin firth one , not that he would get me that excited) i sit here with chava on my lap who has no idea that she is collaborating with her father against her mother for whom mr darcy is the perfect character. he he he he. as the first and last male to post on your blog i expect respectful disagreement. thank you

  4. not even bothering... sorry, but boys don't count :)

    but really, creepy? how exactly? i mean, cold is the *worst* adjective I can imagine someone using to describe him