Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brand New Books! (really, really new)

So... as some of you may know (that would be all of you,since I assume no one is actually reading this :)) I am planning on writing a book when I finish my paper (if anyone who knows me is reading this, I'm not 100% serious, so don't get either too excited or too freaked out). It's going to be fiction - obviously - but the plot etc. is  kind of (totally) up in the air.
I've been tossing around a character centered fairly serious kind of novel, based on the principle "write what you know" - not that I know much about character-drivenness, but i thought i could kind of basic on myself - after a lot of soul searching, naturally.  well that's still on the table, but tonight I came up w/ two more elements of a potentially GREAT book (probably not all the same book).

One is more of a setting thing - probably came to mind because I was thinking about Jasper Fforde's book about the color driven world - can't remember the title, but it's good - read it! :) and the two sequels, probably next one coming out next year i think... anyway, so my idea was to write a kind of world where all the things little children think are true actually are true - I had an example, trying to think of it right now... actually I probably had the example first and then I thought of the idea - whatever, this would definitely sound better if I could think of the example.... anyway, I imagine it as kind of Jasper Fforde or Terry Pratchett-esque - definitely on the light side

My second idea is slightly cheating, but I think it's be tons of fun to read- a human version of the lion king! - modern version - a boy from a political family whose father dies when he's young, a corrupt uncle, he runs away, learns life the hard way... and then comes back as a reformer who brings good back to politics :) - ugh it sounds like saccharine junk (actually not saccharine junk, I like saccharine junk - it sounds totally smarmy) but I think it could work - my problem is I don't think I'm capable of writing a good boy - it's hard enough for me to handle the generic girl/woman - so I thought maybe I'd focus on Nala - she's got a story too... of course if I plagiarize closely I don't know if it'd be publishable... hmm.... I think I'll worry about that when the time comes :)

so tell me... are you waiting with bated breath?

EDIT: this all sounds a little more serious and therefore a little more delusional than I intended - please don't think that I actually think I'm going to do this :) - then you can be totally surprised when I do...


  1. Rochel this is adorable and i would love to read any book you put out!!! tell me when i can put myself on a waiting list of!

  2. Why thank you, Rivky! Your confidence in me is not misplaced, I assure you :)