Thursday, April 22, 2010

Directed Inquiry

Attn: abg (who shall not be further identified, do not worry)
If you are still wasting time, I heard a piece on NPR today about Fred Harvey's restaurants out west.  It said the waitresses were called Harvey Girls - was the book you recommended, The Harvey Girls about them? Because I totally want to read it - they sound awesome.  I looked for it a while ago but none of the libraries have it... should I buy a used copy?

Sorry this post is all business... if I manage to find the book, you will get a very long and fascinating review, I promise ("they are generally very long but whether they are always charming is not for me to judge determine") :) :) (I'm very sorry if that's not exactly accurate, it does not imply an disrespect of the source)

update....! I found it in the pratt library, my city library (don't know why I couldn't find it before, maybe I didn't look hard enough) but anyway, I will hopefully go tomorrow to pick it up - let me know if you weren't even talking about this book though :)

update II: no wonder I couldn't find this book anywhere... I just got the original 1942 edition out (it says 3rd printing so maybe not the very original but the only date in there is 1942)... where in the world did you find it, a (almost wrote your full name, but I erased it :))? (if you are reading this, which it seems you are not - don't worry, i forgive you :)) - anyway, i'm very excited to read it, the first sentence looks very exciting, and somewhat austenesque - "Well and romantically read young girls of the awakening Nineties were assured in the faith that, if they behaved with propriety and circumspection, a stranger would one day appear within the periphery of their lives, whereupon all would be magically changed".  A promising beginning, don't you think? I'll let you know if it lives up...

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