Saturday, May 29, 2010

23 Year Old and the YA Romance

I have, in my time, read quite a few young adult books, and a few historical romances as well.  One special genre in my bibliographical history is that of YA romances.  I can't think of too many, but the girl's name and the male occupation series are prime examples of this type.  It's quite funny actually, they are not young adult chic lit, they are actually romance novels written for the teenage set, meaning they are appropriate and about sixteen year old girls, but otherwise, they read the same way as the regular set.  I read the series *quite* a while ago, and I enjoyed every single one of them.  My favorite was Samantha and the Cowboy, by Lorraine Heath, which  I originally found in the Catonsville library.  I used to check for it every time I went back there (and I used to go on the often side when I went to UMBC) but it seems they got rid of it (they do seem to do that rather often, and I'm getting quite frustrated - they don't have Melissa Nathan books anymore either).  So I gave up on it after a while.
Then, Peryl said abg brought a friend up for Shabbos, and she brought a whole collection of books, which Peryl had stolen.  I was naturally excited, even though Peryl and Chava both assured me that they were not the most exciting collection ever.  But I said I wanted to go down and take a look anyway - then Chava said, no really, they're really stupid, I picked up this one last night called... Samantha and the... and I was like, Samantha and the Cowboy? I LOVE that book! so of course I had to read it - and I went down the hill to get it and spent a comfortable hour and a half or so wrapped up in gritty universe of post civil war Texan cowboys.

It was *definitely* fun - I mean not the best written book (can't think of many worse written :)) but it's kind of part of the charm.  I couldn't get over how it really was a romance novel, just cleaner and younger.  Totally melodramatic, full of pathos, and people who are rather idiotic about their own feelings - but for all that, totally fun :) I almost reveled in the simplicity, but the definite romance between Sam and Mathew (last name Hart, really).  And it was a bit of a blast from the past too. And of course, it was an hour and a half so not too much time expended in any case :)

Verdict: 4/5 - I mean, you know that's what I like :)
Food: hmm... well I can't do Dunkin Heine's icing again... but the truth is, I don't think this was quite as saccharine.  It was a bit of a different sort - more like something you know isn't that good, but is perfect in its own way.  And definitely something sweet, not for the overly refined palette.  I know! canned pineapple - maybe even the kind in Dole little cups with corn syrup - yes! I am *good*

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