Friday, May 21, 2010

Sometimes Even Low is Too High

Finished the Meg Cabot - Runaway, third in the Airhead series.... not much to say - I don't expect much of any Meg Cabot, but they are often decently romantic - this series has more plot than her usual, but it was OVER DRAMATIC - like OVER THE TOP AND A HALF - and choppy, and all over the place and throwing it in your face... i was totally just skimming it to get through it in the end... Meg Cabot, I am disappointed.



  1. Meg Cabot, need i say more....

  2. But huvi, that's just the point - meg cabot is repetitive and her writing can be incredibly annoying, but i like most of her books anyway- this one was MUCH worse than usual - it was even worse than the other Runway books - so yes, you need say more