Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How I Manage to Slack Off Even Though I Have Nothing to Do

Being that my life is incredibly busy (not really, I have one of the less frenetic lives I know of) I seem to be on pace to reading one book a week - which had BETTER pick up because I am way behind... want to hear the list?

So first of all, there are the books I just bought - two of them I've never read b/4 so they are up there on the to do list

1) Melissa Nathan's Learning Curves
2) Leanna Renee Hieber's The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker

Then there are the two (hopefully two) books I am getting from S. Sp. *just* for the weekend - so that'll park that one right up

3) Wrong Way Romance - which I read I think by Michoel's bar mitzvah, but not since then
4) The Dog Who Came in From the Cold - new Cordoroy Mansions from AMC

Then I've got books from the library, in order of due date (or ultimate due date after I renew them)

From Pratt:
5) Bachelor Degree - chic lit, probably stupid
6) The Harvey Girls (I know, I know)
7) Book of a Thousand Days (suggested by abg on this very blog :))

These are due on Friday... and unfortunately I have a block on my card so I can't renew them - which leaves me in a rather unsatisfying situation.... the Central library closes at 5:00 tomorrow and I have to work until 6:00 because I am going to Chapman Lake for Shabbos and I'm planning to leave tomorrow night, if all works out...
so I am taking rather extreme measures - I have done some research (google maps) and ascertained the branch that will take me the shortest out of the way that is open till 8:00... Hampden Branch will take 38 minutes from work, to branch, to home with no traffic - so to Hampden I go! will pay my fine and renew my books, giving my another three weeks to finish... and will I do it? I, at least, am biting my nails in suspense :) I guess we'll find out one way or another within a month - so hold on tight!

That's pratt - from the county library I've got another... a lot

8) Tears of Pearl - the 4th Lady Emily by Tasha Alexander
9) The Vintage Caper - Peter Mayle's second novel - both of these are due 5/17 with one more 3 week renewal
10) Howl's Moving Castle
11) The House of Many Ways
12) Castle in the Air - these three are due 6/2 with one renewal (and no, I have not started them despite what posts from weeks ago may imply :))
13) Runaway - the third in the Airhead series by none other than... Meg Cabot (yes L&G, I do read such trash :))
14) Suite Francaise - I got this out before, but had to return it so I got it out again (really like the 4th time overall... but I'm going to read it someday, I will)
15) Writing Jane Austen - Elizabeth Aston's first contemporary novel
16) Wagered Heart - Christian romance by Robin Hatcher - due 5/28 with 2 renewals left

17) and besides that, I had to return Winter's Tale, but I'm planning on getting it out again next time I go to the library

so yeah... have bitten off more than I can chew,  as usual - but at least I've got plenty to read- and I'm actually looking forward to most of these :)

so lucky me

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