Monday, May 24, 2010

Completely Silly, Done Right

Just finished Wrong-Way Romance - took me about an hour or so.  The book has the most ridiculous premise, is composed of sentences like "Then the day you hit me with that book, I knew what I was feeling had to be either true love or a spinal injury" (really I just quoted that verbatim :)) and the main character, Darby is a bit of an idiot who's also quite self righteous and somewhat of a Mary Sue (really only in her mysterious apparent attractiveness).  But so what? I mean, it's not like I'd expect anything else from #176 in the Sweet Dreams series... and Bruce is just *so perfect*. He is handsome, a star athlete, appears fairly bright, never gets mad, is always a gentleman, and loves Darby from the beginning.  What more could anyone ask? Certainly nothing more from this book - it's a good hour of cotton candy.  You know, I think I'll start giving books food comparisons as well as ratings...
so rating: 5/5
food: well, I said cotton candy, but I don't really like cotton candy... it's more like... dunkin heins icing - really good, but it would make you a bit sick if you ate too much of it at once - but 136 pages of font size 12 is just the right amount :)

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