Monday, July 12, 2010

Coming Soon

Hey, readers! I know you guys are like all... it's Monday! What did Rochel read over the weekend? Why hasn't she posted? Good questions, all, and I thank you for your interest... and don't worry, you will be rewarded :) This Shabbos I read Paula Marantz Cohen's Jane Austen in Scarsdale and started Laurie Horowitz's The Family Fortune.  Besides authors with very Jewish names, these books share common source material - none other than my favorite author (or the author of my favorite book - is that the same thing? an academic question.... :))'s second-to-best book, Persuasion... and since 1) they are so similar and 2) I deliberately got them out together because they are so similar, I will be reviewing them *together* - yes a double feature! :) - when I finish the second one... so hold on tight - I'll be back before you know it :)

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