Sunday, July 25, 2010

When First Instinct Proves Right

Well I've got *2* books to post on because I neglected to do my usual motzei shabbos one, so I'll get right to it.... The first book, which I finished Friday night, was a Christian romance, or at least I thought it was a Christian romance at first... I've got... well I wouldn't call it a love-hate, but I guess somewhat ambivalent attitude about Christian romances (see here) but this one looked promising, because it's set  in my all time favorite time period (that would be, yes, Regency England :)) and the hero has... well I don't know if it's my all time favorite rank, but I ain't complaining - he's a duke :) so definitely worth takin' a looksie :)

Funny thing as I started reading... I don't know quite how I clued into this, it might have been some combo of the authors and characters' names... anyway I figured out this was the first in a the series of which Sarah Sp. had given me the second to read! Now the second was wholly unpromising - guy was like poor... (how bad am I? :)) and it just dragged on... basically didn't actually read it at all.  But with that one, I was thinking to myself, I want to read the first one, because *that* one has a duke! and look at me, I did read it :)  And this brings me back to the point that this is not in fact a Christian romance, the author is Mormon... which might not seem that different, but apparently they have *quite* different standards for what is appropriate in a novel, plus there wasn't really much mention of overt religion at all.  Still did have that overblown and kind of drawn out quality that Christian romances seem to have...

I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit though - what I wanted to say was that when I first realized what this book was, I was pleasantly surprised, as I found the second one totally unenjoyable and this one started out pretty good... but then it went and ruined itself by getting them together too fast and bringing in other annoyances to prolong the plot instead of a good romance... so that by the time I finished, I was *not* impressed with the book... oh well, what did I expect? :)

Verdict: 2/5
Food: I don't know, what's something I don't like? or maybe not something I don't like per se, but something that was spoiled... or you know what? like that broccoli kugel I ate last week that started out *so* good (and I LOVE brocolli kugel) but then I kind of started tasting the aluminum foil aftertaste and it just...ruined it.. so that was that :)

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