Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Staple Proves Its Worth :)

It seems unthinkable, but I actually finished a book Tuesday night and I *forgot* to post about it! (gasp, horror :)) In my defense, I was finishing it in mad rush just in case I wanted to return it Wednesday afternoon, which I did not, returned it today, but my focus was on getting it read (started it Sunday, btw)

So what book was it that thus occupied my time? Continuing with my current pattern of mostly junk, it was Jill Mansell's Perfect Timing.  Jill Mansell seems to have published a number of books almost all at once, with all the same covers  - I think they must be reissues.  Anyway, I read two of them by Pesach, and they were surprising enjoyable.  Especially compared with this other chic lit I read at the time, which made me think I could no longer stand reading chic lit.  But the Jill Mansells move really fast, they have decent romances and fun, likeable characters - and they have stuff from the guy's POV - #1 chic lit requirement in my book :) Of the two I read on Pesach, one was more romantic than the other (Miranda's Big Mistake was the one, An Offer You Can't Refuse was the other).  The other was almost not really romantic... if I remember correctly, there wasn't enough suspense/tension (and you know that's the only kind of tension I ever like ;)) And there tend to be side stories that may or may not be interesting.

So this one, Perfect Timing, had the somewhat uninteresting side stories thing going... actually not really uninteresting, it was just that I actually didn't like some of the characters and I kind of got annoyed with them.  But I suppose there is no way in the universe she could have written the book based on the main characters' story only, so I suppose I tolerate all the other stuff.  And it was definitely entertaining in places... (Rita and Alex's story was interesting, Jake and Claudia was annoying b/c I didn't like Claudia and found Jake slow and Dina was arggh!!) and the romance was *just my type* - guy likes girl from the get go and we know it!! (but she doesn't, b/c *that* would totally ruin it.  So basically, a good solid piece of chic lit.  And not so badly written, whatever Chava R. says :)

Verdict: 4/5... I guess that's a little high, but what can I say, that's what I like ;)
Food... same old, same old... the reliable good stuff... like... mike and ikes! love 'em, always love 'em, and they're easy to like :) not too heavy either

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