Saturday, July 17, 2010

Short and Light for the Short and Light

So I did read another book this week - Julia Quinn's Ten Things I Love About You - but that title/author combo should probably be enough to explain why it doesn't get a full review.... but since  I like posting, and I like keeping track of what I read, I'll do a short one - but please remember, this is not a recommendation that you will read it.  I think JQ is by far the best of her genre, but I know many of you would never touch that genre, and I understand that.  I'm just saying, she's pretty good.  This book wasn't her best though... I thought the romance didn't have quite enough tension - they basically liked each other right away - and there was too much drama going on with other stuff- plus a *slightly* implausible ending.  Though it was funny - she's definitely pretty funny.  And romantic enough... don't regret that I read it :)

Verdict: 3/5
Food: I thought of a perfect food for this on Friday... it'll take me a second to remember it though... well now I remember, it was  the Edy's SF butter pecan I ate on Thursday night (yes I did - mischievous grin :)) I mean, it's ice cream in a matter of speaking, but it *not* haagen daaz, and it kind of has an aftertaste... plus it makes you feel pretty sick after a while (yes I can testify to that) - but still, don't regret eating it :)

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